First Week of College

My first week of classes was great. My professors are awesome and really care about what they are teaching. My favorite class so far is Cultural Perspectives because the professor is really passionate about what she is teaching and really ants to get to know her students. I am also looking forward to the books we will read in that class. My least favorite class right now is Food Preparation. I was really looking forward to that class and I do love my classmates; but it is going to be a lot more work than I originally expected. In my Concepts of Fitness and Health class I met a few really sweet sophomores who I think I could be friends with. I am planning on going through rush and being in a sorority. I also plan on checking out Campus Outreach and a few other organizations on campus. I am looking to get involved with those because I want to meet new people and have a weekly Bible study to get plugged into. The student organization fair is something that has really helped me know the different organizations on campus and find more information about them. The highlight of my week would have to be meeting new people and finally being on Samford’s campus!


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