The Transition to Samford

My transition to Samford has, obviously, changed my entire life. Even though I am from Birmingham it still feels as if I am on my own and able to make my own decisions. It has made the transition easier having the comfort of being only five minutes away and knowing I can go home if I need to. I have only been home once or twice for a couple of minutes but it has made everything so much easier. It has also made my transition easier that my sister goes to Samford and I knew people coming in. I know her friends, but I also knew other people from my high school coming in. Though we may not be best friends, knowing they are here is comforting. The thing that is most hard about transitioning into this new phase of life is making new friends and developing friendships. I know those come with time and they will come but it is scary at some points. Thankfully, I went through rush and met so many awesome people and have fun activities coming up the next couple of weeks. My goal is to be intentional with the people I have met and try to get together with them. If I am not intentional it will be so much harder to get to know girls. I am looking forward to see what these next couple of weeks has in store!

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