For the most part, I am a very organized and love to plan ahead in my daily life. It is stressful to me when I do not have a plan or when something happens that is not according to my plan. However, when it comes to school work I am not the best planner. If it is little assignments I go ahead and tend to get those out of the way, but when I have bigger assignments I find myself putting them off until a day or two before it is due. Bigger assignments stress me out, so I push them off so I do not have to think about them. It has been a good experience when I start to work on an assignment and it is easier than I had originally expected. During my senior year in high school I had a 10 page Thesis due and, of course, I waited till the last night to edit and make changes. I ended up staying up almost all night. I learned that it is not worth putting things off because most of the time it is not that hard of an assignment. Now, I make sure that I do my homework before hanging out with my friends or going to work. I have a planner and write down when all my assignments are due and it has made my life so much easier!

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