Blog #5

Since coming to Samford I have already learned so much about what the University has to offer the students and the community. I look forward to taking advantage of the CRC and free tutoring that is available. I think that those options are the ones that are most popular and most used by students. However, I also think that the free counseling is something that many of Samford students and employees do not take advantage of. Though I have never been to counseling, I am a firm believer that everyone should go at some point in their life. I have never gone because it was never an option for me to, but with it being free at Samford I am looking into going. I am also involved in the Student Dietetic Association on campus and we use that platform to reach Samford students but also the community. Through the organization we volunteer around the community and bring attention to the Dietetic community. After thinking of ways to improve the Samford and Birmingham community I think getting involved in a church and reaching out to the community with the church is the best way to make a difference. The church offers so many different avenues to get involved with the community while also sharing the Word with others. By just volunteering to do something simple in the community has such a big impact. It may not seem as if I am making a difference, but even if one person is touched that is all that matters.

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