My whole life I have always been terrified of the day I would step foot into a college class. It scared me because I had always heard that college was impossible and the professors were so scary. Yet, this has not been the case at all. To my surprise my school work has been a lot less than expected. The test and quizzes are different from what I am used to, but I am learning how different teachers grade and how they prefer work to be done. Because of that, my grades have been pretty high. I am still waiting on a couple grades on papers and exams, but I think that I did well. I am taking CP and expected it to be awful and a hard class, however, it has been my favorite class so far. I really enjoy my professor and the other student who are in the class. I think it is my ideal or dream class, as of right now. I also would love to study abroad with my major and learn from other cultures. So, I would have to meet with my advisor to figure out when and where would be the best time and place to go. I also need to meet with my advisor about switching my major. I am switching from Foods and Nutrition to Nutrition and Dietetics. I have already met with one advisor about it, but need to meet with my new one to make sure everything is secure. Here is a picture of my sister and I on the first day of class. I was so excited and not terrified, as I always thought I would be. It was a great day and having my sister on campus made it much better!



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