Looking Back

It is hard to articulate what is on my mind during this season. It has been a whirlwind of a semester and I am beyond thankful for where I am at. I have met so many amazing people, made the greatest and truest friends, and learned so much about myself. With all of that being said, it does not mean that everything has been easy going and that there have been no speed bumps; because there have been. It is easy to make it seem like everything has been perfect my first semester and act like I have everything together. Yet, that is so not true. Finding a solid group of friends and a church is hard. It makes the transition even harder that know one truly knows me and will be able to recognize when something is up. It took me a month or so to realize that it just takes time. I truly have made the best friends I could have ever asked for and prayed for; but it was not easy at first. With finals around the corner it would be really easy to let myself become stressed and isolate myself. But, because of the friends that I have made they will not allow me to get to that point. They look out for me and are able to take breaks with me and have some time to get school off of my mind. I thank God every day for the journey He has me on and the people He has surrounded me with.

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