After taking the Financial Identity quiz, I learned that I am a “trooper”. A trooper is someone who often follows their parents or a role model with financial decisions. I take my parent’s advice because I have seen them successfully manage and save their money. However, I do know that I will likely face different challenges than my parents have and what has worked for them may not work for me. It is important for me to start gaining my credit now and thinking about the financial decisions I need to make in order for me to have good credit. I also need to remember that debt is a real struggle many people face. I may not be in debt now, but if I do not make smart choices now I will be putting myself at risk later in my life. To better understand my finances I can go to the Smart About Money Website and learn what my options are. If I chose to be reckless with my money in college, I will not be financially stable when I graduate. I will not be able to get a place to live and would have to take out a loan. I tend to be a saver, so I am not too worried. Yet, it is still important for me to understand the consequences of not managing money well. To start plotting my financial course it is first good to know how I handle money. Right now, my job as a student is to focus on school and save as much money as I can.

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