Studying in College

Since being at Samford, studying has been a lot different than studying in High School. In High School I would study the night before a test and do fine, however, in college you have to study at least 3 days in advance. I normally study by rewriting my notes and reading over them a couple of times. Yet, that is not nearly as efficient in college. In college there is much more material and takes more than rewriting the notes to do well. Now, I study a little bit each day so I am not cramming the information all into one night. I find it most helpful to first study on my own by making flash cards or Quizlets and then once I have done that I will study with friends. It is helpful to study with friends because everyone brings something different to the table. Everyone helps each other remember the information and not forget to study things that I may have forgotten on my own. When my dad was in college he learned to look at a Bible verse and pray before studying. He made a flash card of a Bible verse and every time he would study or work on homework he would pull it out and read it. He placed it in front of him while he studied to remind him that he is not in control, but God is. This year for my birthday he made me a card with a verse on it to place in front of me while I study. I would encourage others to do that as well because it brings peace and comfort knowing that we cannot do everything on are own. Of course, studying is hard and not fun but doing it with others and having a schedule of when to study has really helped me.

Here is a picture of a notecard I look at before studying that helps me focus on the Lord. It is a great reminder when I am feeling stressed or anxious during the week!
Image result for bible verse for studying on notecard


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